Building on a legacy of over 39 years of operational excellence, Constellation is entirely committed to oil  and gas industry development via offshore drill ships and semi-submersible rigs of up to 12,000 feet of water depth and onshore rigs.

Since inception Constellation has taken advantage of the opportunities offered within its market. All projects undergo careful study and analysis and, as a socially responsible company, we are committed to actions in the present that support a sustainable future, based on well-defined ethics and total  transparency, always striving to enhance the quality of life of our employees and their families for generations to come.

We are the Constellation.
Somos a Constellation.

  • 1981



    Onshore activities

    started in 1981

  • 1994

    Alaskan Star

    Offshore activities

    started in 1994

  • 1997

    Atlantic Star

    Activities started in 1997

  • 2007

    Quality/Environmental Management Systems and
    Occupational Health and Safety

  • 2009

    Olinda Star

    Corporate Restructuring


    Independent Board of Directors and Private Placement

  • 2010

     Constellation begins operating in UDW fields for Petrobras, significantly contributing to the operational success of the Brazilian pre-salt. During subsequent years, Constellation has accrued invaluable expertise working on 90 UDW wells at water depths over 2,000m.

    SS-DP Gold Star

    SS-DP Lone Star

    SS-DP Alpha Star

    UDW activities started in 2010

  • 2012

    DS-DP Amaralina Star

    DS-DP Laguna Star

    UDW activities expand

  • 2015

    DS-DP Brava Star

  • 2016

    London Office

    Houston Office



  • 2017

    Oil and Gas Service Certification

  • 2018

    Operations in India begin

  • 2019

    New clients to our offshore operations


    In 2019, we added three new clients to our portfolio, operating with our three ultra deepwater drillships for Shell, Total and Enauta.


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